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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bright and cheery knitted toddler dress

By emy Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I still remember the hand knitted baby garments I have seen from the yesteryears.

They tend to gravitate towards the various shades of pastel. Like the pastel yellow that always make Chinese babies look washed out.

And the yarn....I understand that back in the 50s - 80s, good quality hand knitted or crocheted yarns are not always readily available hence the heavy use of acrylic.

Nowadays, we crafters have much to thank for the widespread accessibility of high quality cotton yarns -- most of which are softer and more comfortable against the babies' skins.

Not just that, but in a wider color palette too!

Leena, our speed queen recently has invested a good amount of time knitting and crocheting for her gal.

singapore crocheting classes for toddler dress

I love how the green yarn pops when trimmed by a white border.

With the lace pattern and 100% cotton yarn used, this dress is suitable for our humid Singapore weather. Ms M obviously agrees too, wagging her finger going, "Don't you envy me? My mom knitted this for me? Sharing is sexy

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