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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flower power

By emy Thursday, March 09, 2006
We have a new student joining us - Christine. She has done some knitting and crochet before but have not touched them for a while.

After a discussion, she decided that she would tackle crochet first. She loves bags and is thinking of creating one. I for one, could never resist an idea of bag making. Besides, a gal can never have too many bags right?

Christine decided that she'll hook a lot of motifs and flowers and attach them onto the bag as embellishments. As opposed to crocheting the entire bag as she likes to see the results fast.

So we got down to the basics. She selected some motifs and we were off. Here are the crocheted motifs that she did at home right after the first lesson.

various cotton crochet flower motifs

Christine confesses to enjoying the lessons a lot. She sees me as an enabler by assisting her to understand the various techniques while she has the fun of deciding the various color and yarn combinations as well as modifying the motifs as she wants -- a crafty free spirit.

learn crochet in Singapore

[If you recall Jenny's tote bag (see this entry), she also crocheted it without a pattern once I taught her the various crochet stitches that she needed to know. ]

Something Christine hasn't quite expected as her perception is that lessons are usually very structured and everyone requires a pattern to start with.

Well, certainly not for my enabling style! I'll help my students move in the direction they wish to go. If you want to be a free-form person, I'll teach techniques. If you prefer to learn to read and decipher patterns, I'll assist you on that as well.

She's coming over later in the afternoon and we'll see if we can starting putting the pieces together!
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