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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Group session over the weekend

By emy Thursday, March 02, 2006
Jessie, Leena & Jenny came over on Sunday for a group session.

As you can see, they are not the only ones who are casual. Pardon the mess on the couch; we just tend to have samples lying around for anyone to pick up and ask questions, feel and touch.

Jenny's into crochet while Jessie and Leena are into the knitting mode. Jenny brought along her tote which she crocheted since the last lesson when we discussed at length of self-designing as we go along. She learnt the scallop stitch and the repeat calculations and went on her own.

hand crochet variegated yarn cotton tote bag

Isn't the tote gorgeous? And for a first attempt without any specific pattern, I must say Jenny has really outdone herself! She already has the second tote bag in the planning works for her sister. Lucky sister, I'd say.

Jenny, who has already been knitting for about 10 years, decided that she'll continue working on crochet.

singaporean learning crochet hello kitty toy
See anything unusual? She's a left handed crocheter!

That was what dawned on me during our previous lesson when Jenny asked about turning her crochet work. It is fascinating for me since even though I am a lefty, I still crochet right-handed. But picking up her work is no problem for me. And she's such a chirpy and fun person to have around. See all the colourful yarns she has chosen?

Leena called me before the session to inform me that she suspected there are some mistakes in her work that needed fixing. Right, the first step towards being self-sufficient is learning to ready your stitches so that you know where are the mistakes. And we just dived right into the deep end of the pool -- fixing 8 stitch cables!

learn cable knitting mistake repair fix

See all the amount of needles? She ripped down close to 16 rows! She's so absolutely positive about the entire episode that I couldn't resist telling her the truth [about the difficulty of handling a fix 16 rows down across 8 stitch cable] and expected her to hit me on my head. Nothing of that sort really happened (her hitting me on my head) but her mistake fixing skills have improved leaps and bounds after the session.
Moral of the story: One can learn as much as one wishes, as long as we are not told in truth (or perception) how difficult the task might be.

Here is a snapshot of Leena's progress just 2 weeks right after her first lesson. Great accomplishment, isn't it? She is, in fact, already toying with the idea of starting her second project for herself soon.

hand knit guy summer cotton cabled vest

Jessie is now moving on rapidly on her bag project. But she didn't forget about her jacket either. She brought along her project, did some clarifications on the instructions and she'll be ready to move forward.

simple mistake rib jacket knit pattern

I can't wait to see the finished product soon!
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