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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Semi-private lesson over the weekend

By emy Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Both Felicia and Jessie came over for a semi-private1 session of progress review and troubleshooting. Everyone settles into their comfortable positions with cups of refreshments to sip on occasionally.

small private group

Ok, not quite comfortable looking Felicia. If you are wondering why she was bending over, she's checking her stitch count before we proceed to a learn-to-fix-mistakes session! If you can't count nor *read* your stitches, then it would be difficult to move on to the next level.

learning to fix drop stitch by crochet hook
Did you see those stitch loops coming off the needles?

It was nerve-wrecking for Felicia to begin with but hey, it's better to be empowered than to make a trip over to my place each time she spots a mistake right? Not that I mind (grin). However, she wants to be a thinking knitter and so, this is a definitely useful session for her. To the very least, she doesn't have to make excessive trips nor have unnecessary panic attacks over dropped stitches etc.

Jessie is just starting her new project -- a bag. She brings it over to ensure that she is reading and understanding the pattern. She was spot on on all counts but we noticed some mistakes on the pattern she found on the web and managed to correct it so that she could move on. She is also learning some new techniques2 on this project. Way to go, Jessie!

seed stitch close up

I can't tell you anything more about it except that it will be a pretty colorful bag.

new project yarn pack

See all the yarns she bought? There's some yarn for a project #3. And S$30 was taken off the bill in which she paid for all the items you see in the photo, thanks to the Clickety Click points redemption. I bet she's a happy lady. :)

Of course she didn't forget her first project.

summer jacket pattern close up

As it is nearing the armhole areas where there is more counting required, Jessie decides that the bag project would be more portable as she commits the pattern to memory. The jacket project will probably an lunch-hour or at-home project.

When will we see the finished projects? Pretty soon, I hope!

1: Semi-private lessons are arranged when there is a min. of 3 students (with no more than 6 pax) who do not mind getting together for their lessons. [This offering is no longer available.]

2: We often provide input and advice to our students on their project pattern selections so that we can ensure they'll be learning additional new techniques. That way, they can fully leverage on the course packages. That's the individual attention that we give and the customization of the learning techniques to each student ensures that each and every one learns to the best of their abilities.
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