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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dreaded UFOs! And 1-1 knitting/crochet classes demystified

By emy Saturday, September 24, 2005
(Jan 03, 2012) Edited to add: Updates to provide relevance.

Yes, many of us have encountered this one time or another. We happily start a knitting or crochet project and then get waylaid. What do you do about it? Bundle everything into a bag and push it into the darkest corner of your closet? (Yes, I am guilty of that sometimes myself too.)

That project then becomes a UFO (acronym for UnFinished Object) because: 
A. you do not have time
B. you want to complete it but do not know how to continue working on it
C. you don't want to end up doing countless ripping back not knowing where and why you have gone wrong
D. the recipient you have intended for has *outgrown* it (which theorically is not applicable since the item is not a complete item in the first place!)
E. you don't know where to seek help.

But nevertheless, you are still intend to do something about your knitting or crochet project; you want to get back to it!

Here's the solution

I offer 1-1 private lessons [perhaps the first to offer this here in Singapore.]

What exactly are these 1-1 knitting/crochet sessions about?
What do you teach? What can I learn?

I thought I'll set the record straight as many who contacted me are unsure what these 1-1 sessions entail. In short, the scope is as wide or as narrow as YOU want it & YOU get to set the pace -- meaning statements such as:

"I do not know how to knit but I want to have a guy sweater knitted up by Christmas"
"I have done crochet before but the previous coach kept making me rip back without me knowing where and what my mistakes are. That frustrates me."
"I have a partially knitted sweater but I am not sure how to proceed as the xx time limit imposed by the previous craft store is already expired."
"All the pieces are already done but I don't know how to sew them up nicely."

In short, YOU get to decide on the end objective and my role is to help you achieve it by providing the needed instruction & support. But of course, with a reasonable timeline :) 

YOU also get to schedule your own slots (where schedule is permissble.) All done in the comfort of my residence.

PS. Of course, you are still welcome to email me and ask questions if the above still mystifies you somewhat. Or best still, do sign up and attend any of our previews so that we can chat face-to-face.


 Edited to add: As of 2006, we regret that we do not accept any partial or unfinished projects to be covered as part of our knitting curriculum. 
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