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Monday, January 09, 2012

Limited weekend slots for Jan 2012 in view of CNY

By emy Monday, January 09, 2012

Dear customers, please note there are limited weekend slots this month.

However, weekday daytime and evening sessions are still available so this notice is really meant for those customers with weekend lesson preference to plan and book ahead.

The following weekend dates are currently available:
  • Jan 14 (Sat ): 10am - 12pm
  • Jan 15 (Sun): 1 - 6pm <Edited to add: only 4-6pm slot left>
  • Jan 21 (Sat): 10am - 12pm
  • Jan 28 / 29 (Sat/Sun): 10am - 6pm

During the CNY festivities, we will be closed from 21 Jan (Sat) 12pm onwards and we'll be available for lesson bookings on 27 Jan (Fri).

For those of you who have previously attended our preview sessions and would like to book your first lesson, please do kindly ensure that you book a slot with a 3hr minimum (so that you can factor in time for your project pattern and yarn selection during the session itself!) As mentioned, selected weekday daytime slots are still mostly available.

I would strongly suggest that you consider booking prior to CNY as it's likely you have time to work on your project during the festive period. 

[I do that all the time whenever I house visit -- my relatives have gotten used to seeing me knit even as we chit chat or sit around and watch TV. The only *complaint* I have got was when my grandma was still alive -- she chides me for "purportedly doing work" (how can knitting be considered "work"; I have no idea...)

But anyways, my rebuttal? "Grandma, I am wishing for your absolute longevity as I knit/crochet miles and miles of "good wishes for your health!" (*big smile*) [Just don't brandish the scissors!]

PS. Our Feb previews will be on Feb 04 (Sat, 10.30am) and Feb 19 (Sun, 10.30am) so please do RSVP if you intend to commence your knitting and crochet before our Mar 01 lesson package fees increase!

PPS. Happy Lunar New Year to all 
(in case I don't get around to any blogging prior; we'll try our atmost!) Sharing is sexy

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