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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gina the Knitting Gifter

By emy Thursday, December 01, 2011
While going through my folders and having a feeble attempt at photo organizing, I came across lots of photos that deserve to be posted on the blog.

It's interesting to note that while many of us knitters and crocheters tend to create items for ourselves or our immediate family; Gina is an exception. She has learnt to knit so that she can create fabulous gifts for her friends! Talk about being selfless! Here are some of the knitting projects done by Gina previously.

A little girl toddler's dress 
Sorry the photos were a little blurry. If I remembered, this was mms'ed to me so the photos were of a lower resolution so when I tried to resize them, the photos got pixelated.

striped knitting dress singapore

 I know Gina knitted this as a gift for her friend's daughter who eventually managed to wear it after the little gal turned two. So here's hoping Gina actually had an FO photo!

intarsia knitting singapore

A striped scarf for a galfriend....
Gina loves all projects code-named SIMPLE. She has also knitted a striped drawstring pouch before.

basic striped scarf knitting class singapore

She loves to work on designs that makes the project looks gloriously chic; even with simple stitching.

A baby cocoon
So early this year when she returned to join us, another lucky baby got her attention. She decided on this baby cocoon project.

  knitted baby cocoon hospital wrap

Apparently, this is the latest trends in baby wraps. Most of the time, we all tend to think blankets and shawls to wrap babies in when bringing them back from the hospital.

As she was working on it, she also learnt some basic crochet to add scalloped edges for a more feminine touch. 

scallop crochet edging

These photos are not the final FO shots as I know Gina has done more embellishment work; adding her personal touch to the piece.

If you think that was the last you'll hear from her, this lady just popped by the other day to purchase some yarns for a scarf that she is intending to knit and gift a friend! How thoughtful is that!

PS. My bad.... for not doing the due diligence. If any of you find a fast and efficient way of extracting photos from cameras, uploading to your photo server and then back linking to your blogsite, please let me know. I could sure use some tips!
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