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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas gifting using your crochet or knitting skills

By emy Monday, November 28, 2011
When Christmas is around the corner, many tend to think of quick projects they can create with their hands to gift to their loved ones. This is especially the case if they are crafters; be it scrapbooking, quilting, knitting or crochet. Reasons why they do that are in another blog post (clickable link).

I do both knitting and crochet and both activities do take time, depending on the size and complexity of the projects.

So for Christmas, the top of the lists would be scarves. Although I never really resonated with scarf gifting, unless the intended recipient travels to cold countries often; scarves still seem to be preferred by my customers. Singaporeans are well-travelled, I must say.

Here are some of the past scarves projects our customers have gone with.

[Do note clicking on the photos will bring you directly to the specific blog entry.]


Frilly scarf for galfriend?
It takes only a couple of hours with just a SINGLE ball! (Yup, one ball of yarn.) And it'll work very well in our summer as it's not wool.

lace knitting scarf class

Good ol' knitting?
The random garter rows Paw Chuen used for her baby blankie is another great idea that can be easily applied to scarves.

basic knitting class for beginners in singapore

Working with multi-colored yarns
These yarns can create looks so fancy you wouldn't believe it! (Both link to the same post.)

multi colour knittingdiagonal knitting workshop in Singapore

Fancy stripes?
Try this add-stripes-as-you-wish approach by Yanwei.

random striping knit

Cable goodness
Need I say more?
learn to knit cables Singapore


Row by row crochet
[Scroll down the entry to the last photo.]

ribbon yarn crochet

Granny squares turn chic winter scarf wear?
Many think blankets but we think smaller, quicker and faster projects!
granny squares crochet scarf

A little feminine accent
Floral motifs brighten the day.

motif joining crochet scarf

Fancy some artistic crochet neck accessory?
Then check out freeform crochet here...

freeform crochet neck accessory

There are lots more but most of them are either projects which I didn't have the opportunity to take photos of or residing in my harddisk at home -- sometimes it's just challenging to be taking photos while conducting lessons at the same time.

If you are looking for something more relevant for Singapore's tropical weather, we have other projects too. We'll share more in the next post.

PS. There's been an additional preview session added - December 06, 1pm. Please check out our preview page to register -- attendance is free.

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