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Friday, January 27, 2006

Getting prepared

By emy Friday, January 27, 2006
Thanks for the inquiries on the yarns and the lessons.

With the Lunar New Year around the corner (literally, since Chinese New Year's Eve is tomorrow), we've been busy the last 2 weeks: customers are enquiring about our knitting packages, as well as the yarns we carry.

Our students and knitters-to-be are getting geared up too! Everyone's getting prepared by scheduling their lessons for the last 2 weeks just before the festive period (we have about 4 days of Public Holidays including this weekend). Just so that they can progress on their current knitting projects or start casting on for their new projects right away.

Everyone's trying to get their momentum going. That's a sign of positive addiction. Besides, with your hands busy clicking away, you won't end up snacking unnecessarily.

Here's Felicia who is already beginning to seam up her various pieces.

joining hand knit parts together

I've also managed to assure Jessie and Felicia that no knitting police is going to come after them if they decide to start new projects *before* they have finished their current ones. LOL. Certainly, not from a multi-tasker like me! There are practical reasons as well:

1. If they have mistakes with their current work that they have problems fixing, they can always put it away and work on the new project. No time lost.

2. If the current project is reaching a point which requires more attention (such as shaping) and you are tired, then having to reach for an alternative project that's you just casted on can allow for more mindless knitting.

3. Since the first projects are usually kept basic, having a more advanced project can be more challenging and keeps you on the learning mode.

4. Knitting a garment requires a fair bit of knitting time before it is completed. So a small side project can take our minds off the long journey and be a wonderful distraction.

5. We want to be able to knit whenever and wherever we want. Do we need any justification at all?

So Felicia's gone home with a new project that she could start if she wishes to during the Chinese New Year. Jessie has picked up some project ideas that'll allow her to new techniques as well. My role? Just by being the enabler -- arranging the yarns to be ready when Jessie swings by for the next knitting lesson.

We also have a new member, Felicia Wong. (That's right, we now have 2 Felicias...) She has a giftie project that she would like to have ready by May. She came over for a pre-lesson visit so that she could pick out the pattern and the yarns she would like to use. That allowed us to proceed straight to knitting basics for her first lesson which took place on Monday. She's all raring to go! She came over again yesterday for a mini-refresher session (complimentary, of course) and now the project has begun!

knitting instructions prepared

If any of you is interested in our lesson packages but have no clue how to start, *please* provide me with your contact number for us to have better and clear correspondence. It makes everything much easier as I can answer your queries and help you visualize the process easily. A pre-lesson visit for yarn and pattern selection can be arranged by appointment so that you know what to anticipate. [As usual, my apartment is smoke-free, pet-free and child-free.]
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