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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Group crochet fun!

By emy Tuesday, November 29, 2005
What happens when you have a few ladies sit together? Lots of laughter, witty retorts and "ah ha" moments.
We had Jenny, Jolene & Wei Joo come in last Sat. Their objective: to learn how to crochet.

Jenny's been a knitter and she's tried crochet but never quite got it to work. Wei Joo, on the other hand, picked up crochet when she's young but has stopped for a while. As the story goes, "Mostly forgotten, need practice to go back on (crochet)."

Jolene's brand new into this foray.

small group crochet class in Singapore

Here's all of us sitting around the coffee table. On the floor since everyone decided it's most comfortable. (Right, everyone *happens* to be looking very intently at their work...) No one wants to be recognized [grin] but we'll let their projects do the talking.

learning to tension yarn around finger in crochet

Really comfortable as you can see them folding up their legs.
Here's a look at their projects:

learning left hand crochet

Do you realize this lady is a left-handed crocheter?

crocheting a yoga mat bag

trying out crochet

I'm not telling what projects they are working on. Let them bring in the completed pieces and show you the next time round! Sharing is sexy

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