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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Quick & easy crochet does it!

By emy Wednesday, August 31, 2005
In , there's no craft shop that offers to teach toy crochet or knitting. Mostly due to the intricrate details of toys. To get a more realistic 3D toy, one has a minimum of 6 parts to deal with: - the head, the body, 4 limbs. If it has ears or a tail, then it's a total of 9 parts to put together!

That calls for a good deal of sewing. Hence seaming is a very important technique to master. Not only that, learning how to do good stuffing is very important since the way you stuff would decide how the toy looks -- Monique can attest to it since she's attended bear making classes before.

Yesterday, Monique came over to get her first taste of toy crochet. She's never done crochet before but she love bears so much that she's willing to pick up crochet so that she can make one to call her own. I've also shown Monique some projects to give her an idea of the differences between good finishes & so-so finishes.

After getting introduced to the crochet basics, she is ready to get started on the actual project!

pregnant mom crochet lessons in Singapore

Yes, she's a mummy-to-be. We're very sure her child is going to be very conversant with Maths by the time he's born since Monique will be doing her row countings aloud frequently!

She's using denim yarn and we're thinking we might send it to the dip pool to get some natural fading...we'll see. Sharing is sexy

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