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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knitting preparation for a baby's arrival (part 1)

By emy Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jasmine who joined us earlier this year, was several months pregnant when she decided she wanted to perfect her rather rusty knitting skills and work magic in creating loving pieces in view of her baby's arrival to this world.

She also realized that it wasn't feasible for her to go to any of the knitting shops as she has tried that previously and felt she didn't get to learn much as she mostly had to sit around waiting due to the number of students.

Besides, in her pregnant state,
  • She gets tired easily and needed maximum personalized coaching attention during her lesson visits (which can't happen when it's a group setting)
  • She has a deadline to meet -- to have all her planned items be in time for her baby's arrival which is barely less than 4 mths, I think.

As we all know, babies tend to lost most of their body heat via their heads and limbs -- that's why baby gift sets are often seen consisting of baby hats, mitten and socks. Plus, they come with a baby blanket for the mom to wrap the baby in when they go home from the hospital.

So Jasmine decided on a baby hat.  But not just any hat but a bunny ears hat.

learn knitting baby bunny ear hat course in Singapore

It's always insanely cute when the baby hat (or "baby beanie" as some call these) gets topped with animal ears.

Singapore knitting baby shower gift idea

In this case, bunny ears.

The ears are constructed in an interesting way. The pink and white parts are knitted together as if they are flat pieces; then the remaining open edges are then seamed together.

The main hat body is just plain knitting. See how cushy the yarn is? I just called it udon or soba noodles -- it's a single strand yarn which is our top seller --  everyone just loves to cuddle and squeeze this irresistably soft yarn. And it comes in a wide array of contemporary colors.

join knitting course Singapore

See how everything just comes together for this "awww...so cute bunny hat"?

The most *challenging* part was positioning the ears properly and sewing them on so that they do not look loopy, if you know what I mean!

purchase knitting materials singapore

PS. It seems that my blog is attracting lots of traffic from the local hospitals -- Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to be specific. Maybe all these cute things are attracting the moms-to-be during their hospital visits, the patients or maybe some nurses in the maternity wards. But hey, whoever you are, if you do drop by or attend any of our previews, do identify yourself say hello!

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