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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Knitting prep for a baby's arrival (part 3)

By emy Tuesday, January 03, 2012
Hope all you readers had a great Christmas as well as a New Year break!


Now that the head and feet are suitably covered, the next item on the list is the baby blanket.

As we all know, babies are often preciously wrapped and nestled in cosy blankets when they first leave the hospital.

Following the color conventions, Jasmine opted for a light baby pink for the blanket.

We went along with a conventional square blanket as we tried to balance the projects Jasmine had on hand -- the booties required more attention and she could certainly use some mindless knitting on the square blanket since no shaping is involved.

learn basic knitting singapore for baby blanket

It comes in an all-over repeat pattern which can be easily memorized.

baby blanket cable knitting

And also creates an interesting texture on its reverse side.
It looks really nice, doesn't it?

star eyelet pattern knitting

(The pink in the first picture is the true colour. Somehow, the Sony TX camera I have doesn't quite perform as well indoors; often washing out the colors!)

Even though many find the heat in Singapore incredibly hard to bear, almost all will agree that our shopping malls' indoor airconditioning are set at freezing temperatures.

But given the rainy wet season we experienced just in December last month, this blanket definitely comes in handy.

The baby blanket took some time as it was knitted on 3mm needles. And it's trimmed with lace edgings all around to complete the look. The trimming did take Jasmine quite some time.

In fact, she had this started along with the previous projects. Talk about multi-task knitting! Multi-project knitting works for some of our customers who are rather active on-the-go knitters.

Actually, I am a multi-project person too! What about you?

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